v1.1 is out!

Thanks to the many feedback I received through the Ludum Dare page, I went ahead and made a post-compo version of the game along with some bug-fixes and balance updates.

If you are rating for Ludum Dare, disregard this and download the original version! This version was made after the compo has ended.

So anyway, here's v1.1 changelog:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where no editors spawn if the player doesn't write anything.
  • Fixed a bug where hats fly off on their own!


  • Early-game is now significantly faster.
    • You now start with 15 empty papers instead of 10.
    • More empty papers spawn near the starting area.
    • More editors spawn earlier.
  • Editor spawn for late-game is slightly reduced.
  • Editor HP is also slightly reduced.
  • In return, editors move faster as the game progresses.
  • Paper "magnetic force" was adjusted so that it gets weaker when you carry a lot of empty papers.
  • The color for Write powerup was changed to make it more distinguishable from Dash powerup.
  • Writing consumes slightly less pencil.

Fun Stuff (Hats!)

  • Editors with hats are now 2x more likely to spawn!
  • It's now slightly harder to knock the hats off them, though.
  • Three brand new hats were added!

And that's about it! Enjoy the game and keep the feedback coming! :)


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Dec 06, 2017

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